The program for Zero Point festival 2020

We published the program for this year Zero Point festival. Tickets will be at soon. 


Festival program for 2020 in progress!

We are selecting interesting projects that will be part of the festival program in 2020. The festival will take place from the 11th to 17th of July 2020 in Invalidovna premises, Prague. 


Call for application for Performing Arts for the Future

We are opening the call for application for workshops for this year's Performing Arts for the Future. 

The workshop with Takashi Ueno will be on 18th of July and workshop with Xavier Bobés will be on 19th and 20th of July. 

More info at workshop programs and registration at


Zero Point Festival 2018

We would like to invite you The Zero Point Festival 2018 10th anniversary that takes place from the 16th until the 21st July in Prague.

The Zero Point Festival presents the elite of contemporary dancers and cross-over projects. 

This year it will initiate you into the mysteries of puppetry, rap, slam poetry and intimacy. It will play the tones of Basque songs, invisible bass beats and the feminine sonic poetry. The Zero Point Festival also arranged three workshops for students and professionals lead by excellent lecturers.

16.- 21.7.2018 / Celetná Theatre, Werich Villa, Kampa Theatre, Trade Fair Palace in Prague

Daina Ashbee: POUR
Pour is a study of vulnerability and strength of a woman and it exposes the layers of pain soaked up in her body. Pour is dark and cathartic. The dancer and choreographer, Daina Ashbee, is a double prizewinner at the Prix de la danse de Montréal and she is said to be one of the 25 most interesting young artists of the year 2017 by the prestigious German TANZ magazine.

TANTEHORSE: wood-wonder-wave
We spread magic by means of wood. Make a wish and hit the wood hard! The answer will be a beautiful sound wave roving within the space. Tantehorse Group lead by Miřenka Čechová has made this performative installation for the gorgeous space of TRADE FAIR PALACE in Prague.

Soňa Ferienčíková, Mária Júdová, Alexandra Timpau: EVERYWHEN
Everywhen orbits around two sides of life - the personal and the political.
This international collective whirls together original music, movement and 3D animation imagery in an intermedial performance on continual spin of the history.  The audience may feel dizzy with the fusion of all these genres.

Igor and Moreno: IDIOT-SYNCRASY
They started with wanting to change the world with a performance. They felt like idiots.
Then they decided to dance. They started to jump too. They called on the folk traditions of Sardinia and the Basque Country. They began to sing. And what came into existence is a hit that has been produced on three continents.

Spitfire Company: Constellations II. Time for Sharing
Time waits. Time floats. Time spreads. Time sinks. Time recollects. Time dreams. The scene. Three women experience the magic dimension of a single ordinary day. It is the journey to the depths of our subconsciousness.

David Espinosa: Me Gran Obra
My great work, the performance, which I would make happen if the author have had unlimited budget, the greatest theatre venue in the world, 300 actors on stage, army orchestra, rock band, animals, cars and a helicopter in deed. Is it utopia? No, it the masterpiece of a great puppeteer David Espinosa.

Spitfire Company & Mckenzie Tomski: Miss AmeriKa
The multimedia project of Miřenka Čechová and Martin Tvrdý demonstrates a crude image of life in Manhattan via a collage of music, text, rap, slam, stand-up, performance, photographs by Vojtěch Brtnický and the comics by Malayan cartoonist Chin Yew.

The Zero Point Festival 2018 extends it´s program of music platform this year. 

Perera Elsewhere - DJ Sasha Perera solo project. Organic elements and miscellaneous types of noise and interference, sophisticated minimalist electronics and hypnotising voice. Enchanting atmospheric and psychedelic music with expressive repetitive melodies.

TouchieTouchie -  Czech enigmatic duo and their improvised session with various synthesizers.

Lucrecia Dalt -  Colombian musician and composer who arranges philosophy into sonic poetry. Avant-garde pop leaning towards surrealist ambient accompanied by suggestive narration.

Enchanted Lands -  Prague producer, Barbora Polcerová, music project that  goes as far as the limits of ambient, sound design and new age.

Jan Bárta: Pitch - playful miniature that captures your attention, a real percussionist masterpiece.


More details at

We look forward to seeing you!


Festival program 2017

This year festival program is also full of the most interesting from contemporary experimental tehatre. Performances from the whole Europe! You can look forward to contemporary dance, storyteling or documentary theatre. Let's meet from 17th of July until 23th of July in Celetna Theatre and other places in Prague.


Masterclass workshop with Euripides Laskaridis

There are few last places on our workshops within Festival Nultý bod / Zero Point Festival 2017! Come to experience creative dialog with the best performers and choreographers in the contemporary performative art. You can apply for masterclass leading by Greek choreographer Euripides Laskaridis on email address 


Program for International Zero Point Festival

Program for International Zero Point Festival is newly published on our websites. There are going to be tickets for sale from June. 


Call for Performing Arts for the Future

We opened call for workshops Performing Arts for the Future. Don't hesitate and in case of interest write for reservation at More info about the workshops you can find here. 


Call for Performing Arts for the Future

We opened call for workshops Performing Arts for the Future. Don't hesitate and in case of interest write for reservation at More info about the workshops you can find here. 


Festival program 2017

We are preparing next year of Zero Point Festival which is going to happen from 17th of July until 22nd of July. In these days we are selecting interesting project which will be part of festival program next year. 


Festival reviews

Eighth edition of Zero Point Festival is over! Look with us at reviews about the festival:


Gallery from this year edition

You can find photos by Michal Hančovský from this year here.


Festival Zero Point starts soon!

The festival starts next week on Monday 18th with performance of great Danish performer Kitt Johnsen. Don't miss all great performances which are in festival program this year!


Sale of tickets just started!

We started to sale tickets for actual year of Zero Point. Tickets are available online at and in box office Celetná Theatre. Don't hesitate and buy!


Call for applications for Performing Arts For the Future

Call for application for workshop week Performing Arts For the Future is here! You can apply on email address First round is until 23th of May and second round is until 27th of June!

More information you can find here