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Alyssa Dillard: We Didn't Know What To Do, So We Danced

"We Didn't Know What To Do, So We Danced"

A site specific performance to familiarize ourselves with collaboration and joy after a long period of isolation.  Dancers and musicians explore their relationships to each other while rotating throughout the Invalidovna grounds. The closeness and distance that is possible in a space. The ways we interact with our bodies after a period of distance. This musical movement jam explores these moments and the relationship between music and the body. Audience is welcome to participate as a dancer or musician as well as observe and enjoy. 


Direction: Alyssa Dillard

Performers: Alyssa Dillard, Soojin Jo, Joana Simões, Debora Styšova, Tinka Avramova, Olga Mikulska, Tereza Holubová, Anna Hradecka, Ella CR, Mark Newson, Zack Slouka, David Wolter 

In collaboration with: DAMU (Academy of Performing Arts Prague)