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Matouš Adam: S-HIT MAKER

Excretion is a process in which an organism separates scrap from the body. The sweat is another important way of excretion next to the urination and defecation, besides all of these, tears can also participate in purification of a human body. And so does saliva and mucus.

stand-up comedy, show and performance

/45 min./ 18+/


Hrají: Matouš Adam 

Režie: Olivia Fantúrová 

Dramaturgie: Lenka Dobrovolná 

Scénografie: Jakub Růžička 

Light design: Jan Tranta

Hudba: Matouš Ondra

Mentor: Petr Váša 

Kouč: Filip Teler 

The performance is supported by JAMU.