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Spielraum Kollektiv: ECO-CONFESSION

Performance for one spectator.

I sin. You sin. We sin. Come relieve yourself of your eco-sins and good deeds.

A small oasis of intimacy. One performer, one spectator. Ritual and search for a personal way out of ecological and climatic sins and one's own contradictions. Is there a possibility of indulgence? What does it look like?

Spielraum Kollektiv is a fluid group based around the theatre makers Linda and Mathias Straub, whose work focuses primarily on documentary and site specific theater. This year, within the +3 project, it looks at the topic of the climate crisis from different angles. The Eco-Confession is one of the six performances that Spielraum will present on this topic in 2020.

Duration 20 min.


Dates: July 14, 16-21 (start every 15 minutes in one of the confessions), Invalidovna

Concept: Linda Straub, Mathias Straub, Philipp Schenker, Teresa Weiser

Scenography: Mathias Straub, Michal Horáček

Performers: Linda Straub, Philipp Schenker, Teresa Weiser

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Nultý bod.