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Tereza Bartunkova, Jan Ctvrtnik et al. T A M U R A 

A suggestive audio-visual journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape

The authors were inspired by Fires on the Plain, a novel by the Japanese writer Shōhei Ōoka. The artists translate the density of Ōoka’s book into an exceptional audio-visual experience at the intersection of radio drama, concert, and comic book. Sound, music, and visual elements are created and combined in real time, directly on stage.

Lenght 60 min.  |  Suitable from 11 years  | No language barrier

The performance was set in motion and premiered in Alfred ve dvoře Theatre. 

Based on a specific narrative, the authors have managed to create an incredibly striking, immersive atmosphere, a space allowing for a meditative encounter with “one’s self,” for processing the feelings of loneliness, danger, fear, and anxiety, and for releasing so-called false memories, our "apocalyptic" ideas and associations.
(Ester Zantovska, Artzone, 26.9.2018)