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Takashi Ueno - workshop

About the workshop 

Takashi Ueno has been working with Raimund Hoghe since 2010. The workshop will consist of two parts. Working on the technical training of moving softly but dynamically and working on a solo from the Hoghe's repretoire, "Songs for Takashi" based on the theme of metamorphose.


Takashi Ueno was born in 1981 in Japan. At age 14, Ueno began modern dance, working with Misako Nanbu. He moved to Paris in 2004 with a two-year scholarship from the Japanese government. He studied ballet, contemporary dance, and African dance. He currently dances for several choreographers including: Paco Decina, Kimiho Hulbert, Saiko Kino, and Raimund Hoghe, among others.