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Sabine Seume & Miřenka Čechová – Momentum (closing)

The closing of 25 hour site specific marathon is on 23th of July at 18:00. 


25-hour site-specific marathon dismantling time

How many things could we experience if we were able to overcome the passing time? In front of passing visitors, the performers Miřenka Čechová and Sabine Seume wil go through a marathon of everyday intimate moments as well as extreme moments of fatigue and exhaustion.

„We often don't have time to experience everyday life events, they pass us like a countryside that we watch from a speeding train. We say things like "if only the day was 48 hours long, I could do so many things!". And yet, all we need to do sometimes is to stop, take a breath and look around to discover that we don't need to manage everything. And that the purpose we have so long been looking for is inside us.“ says Miřenka Čechová.

Both performers will spend 25 hours non-stop in slow physical action in the middle of a transparent cube placed in a publicly accessible area of the garden of Werichova vila. Exposed to passing visitor, like inanimate works of art, they will experience a marathon of everyday intimate moments, as well as extreme moments of fatigue and exhaustion. Their biggest obstacle is time, which they slow down to the limit of tolerability and subordinate all physical actions to this challenge. The natural need to be active is suppressed, and the state of being resembles a state of concentrated meditation. Time is decomposed, slows down, sometimes almost stands still, the body is in exceptional muscle tone, the perception deforms, the memory captures different information.

Anyone can, but also doesn't have to, watch them anytime during the day. At night, the voyeur's eye will move to the camera and their night existence will be live-streamed online.

PREMIERE: 22.6. from 4pm non-stop to 23.6. 10pm at Piazzeta Národního divadla (Václav Havel square, National Theatre).

Nultý bod: 22.7. from 5pm to 23.7. 18h. in the garden of Werichova vila

Concept and performance: Miřenka Čechová and Sabine Seume

Light design and technical support: David Prokopič

Sound, Music: Matouš Hekela

Production: Jakub Urban and Judita Hoffmanová

The project is co-produced with the National Theater and the International Festival Zero Point with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague and the Czech-German Future Fund.