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Lali Ayguadé - Improvisation in the gallery


Lali is undoubtedly one of the Spanish dance discoveries that have been shining on the European scene in recent years. Having experience with the work of Wim Vandekeybus, Akram Khan, Robert Olivan, and last but not least, Marcus Morau, she founded a group bearing her own name a few years ago. Her work is based on the perfect mastery of body tension, admirable figurative curve, which is mostly out of axis, fast dancing and spinning, and above all on the ability to express gentle emotional impressions. Lali identifies with the environment in which she dances to become its indivisible part. It will be interesting to watch how she deals with the breathtaking scenery around the Kampa Museum.

Lali Ayguade Farró was nominated for the prestigious London Critics Prize "Exceptional Dancer" at the Critics Awards of London in 2013. 

An object is created an after a while it degrades. A person is born with a flexible body and gets old till he or she looses the movement capacity. A sculpture can be also a human body. A body full of emotions and movement.