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Daniel Abreu - Cabeza


Daniel Abreu is, metaphorically speaking, a dancing beast among the middle-aged generation of Spanish choreographers and dancers that are celebrated all over the world. His exceptional position is validated by the fact that he received the most important Spanish choreographic award, the National Prize, in 2014.  His performances balance on the boundaries of genres, between dance, installations and visual theater and are full of impressions and archetypal links. Emotions are his sovereign domain, and he himself describes his work as a journey through them. The performance called Cabeza forms an imaginary divide in Abreu's work.  It is a fascinating balance between animalistic movement and meditative energy.

This work arose from the concept of construction-destruction. A place for a beginning as well as an end; a place of identity as presence and form of things, or simply the total opposite.

It comes out of a fissure, a strange landscape provoked by a blow that stops us and makes us observe our brain from the outside.

The work contemplates the fantasies and realities of a torrent of strong energy where logic makes no sense, and where watching the world to see how it moves ends up being a coherent attitude.

From the world of symbols, which is at times aggressive and at many other times beautiful and nearly religious. Physicality is the motive, and together with the last years that have been so changing, this has resulted in what I today express from the void; what the speed of the body requires and is capable of expressing.

In this very physical work I have been as mental as I could.


The Daniel Abreu Company was created in 2004 and has, since then, presented more than 40 choreographic works.

Daniel Abreu, the director and creator of these works, has won a number of prizes and gained a recognition that has enabled him to be programmed in a variety of national and international theatres and festivals.

The company’s pieces are similar to journeys, paintings and images in action. Some of the productions are halfway between dance and action.

Daniel Abreu has received the Spanish National Award for Dance in Creative category in 2014


Direction choreography and interpretation: Daniel Abreu

Assistant direction: Igor Calonge

Music: Christian Fennesz

Lighting design: Irene Cantero

Light technician: David Benito

Set design: Dácil González, Igor Calonge, Irene Cantero and Daniel Abreu

Photography: Jesús Robisco and Capricolor

Collaborators: The Graner (Barcelona) and the Centro de Danza Canal (Madrid)

Premiere: 3rd november 2012 in the Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona