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Process Lab. ~ bodily practices / residency output

Process Lab. is a platform for sharing practice in the field of performing arts and for a critical dialogue related to the artistic process. 

The laboratory aims to research artistic practices as a spectrum of values, aesthetical approaches, ideas and formats of expression without a direct goal or particular output. The laboratory offers its space as a tool to isolate the artistic process from its results. At the same time, it is a trigger for searching the horizons of individual artistic freedom and opportunity to escape the never-ending producing cycle of works and finding refuge in the core of one's practice. It is a residency at the zero point.

The frame of ~bodily practices refers to the materiality of the body that is a fundamental pillar of individual work. It is a common base for four artists and the variety of their relation to the body.

The final presentation will introduce individual practices of participating artists and their researches in a format that intertwines with work-in-progress, discussion and installation.


Becka McFadden
Denis Baštuga
Sára Märc

Sergio Patricio [chl/aut]

Petr Dlouhý


15.7.- Invalidovna (Half Room)